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  • Genre: Comedy Fantasy
  • Theater Release year: 2023
  • OTT Release Date: 2023
  • Languages: Tamil Telugu
Aalambana Trailer
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The teaser opens with a wealthy and successful royal family going through a spectacular collapse after their kid (Vaibhav) is born. The two goons at the center of the story are chasing a magic lamp. But the genie (Munishkanth) becomes his slave once the protagonist (Vaibhav) succeeds in getting it, irrevocably altering his existence. But when the two thugs begin pursuing the main character, things get serious.  View the official trailer for the Tamil film "Aalambana," which stars Kabir Singh, Robo Shankar, Vaibhav, Parvati, Munishkanth, Anandraj, Pandiyaraj, and Murali Sharma. Pari K. Vijay is the director of the film "Aalambana." Watch the video to learn more about the "Aalambana" trailer.

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