HaromHara- The Revolt

HaromHara- The Revolt
  • HD
  • Genre: Action Crime Drama
  • Theater Release year: 2024
  • OTT Release Date:
  • Languages: Telugu Tamil Malayalam Kannada Hindi
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Sudheer Babu's upcoming film Harom Hara, set for release in the first quarter of 2024, Sudheer Babu hopes to realize his vision of a Pan India. Mammootty, Tiger Shroff, Vijay Sethupathy, and Kichcha Sudeep released the teaser, which served as the official launchpad for the film's promotions.
The character of Subramanyam, portrayed by Sudheer Babu, is one of the rising powers in the town who has many rivals hoping to bring him down. Sudheer Babu steals the show, both for the makeover and for playing the tough part. The character is portrayed as a man engulfed in chaos and fire, having numerous facets to his personality.

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