Prashanth Neel

Prashanth Neel
  • Occupation: Director
  • Birthplace:
  • Birth Date: 4 June 1980

Indian film director and screenwriter Prashanth Neel mostly focuses on Telugu and Kannada films. Author-director Prashanth Neel made his feature film debut in 2014 with Ugramm, a Kannada film starring Hariprriya and Srii Murali. He went on to direct the two-part film series "K.G.F." Chapter 1 (2018) and "K.G.F." Chapter 2 (2022), which went on to become the highest-grossing Kannada film. Critics gave Salaar: Part 1-Ceasefire largely positive to mixed reviews, complimenting Neel's direction, acting, action scenes, photography, and other technical elements of the movie.

Movie Year
Salaar: Cease Fire - Part 1 2023