Review : Game On

Game On
    Release Date : 02 Feb 2024 Rating : 2.5 /5
    Starring: Geetanand, Neha Solanki, Madhoo Shah
    Director: Dayanand Gaddam
    Producers: Ravi Kasturi
    Music Director: Abhishek A R, Nawab Gang


The plot of Game On explores the life-changing experience of a man who attempts suicide at first but then discovers a new calling after becoming interested in a game.

Positive Points:

The film promises to be a gripping narrative that combines action, romance, and psychological events, making it an exciting viewing. Game On, a film created by newcomers, brings the audience into a new realm. It successfully captures the essence of a real-time psychological thriller, engrossing viewers with its mix of action, romance, and emotion.

Negative Points:

There aren't many negative points there. The substance was old, but they presented the story differently.

Your Opinion:

This was a good movie. The story was unique and superbly good. He is endearing, particularly in the action scenes. If he works hard and gets decent scripts. Neha Solanki is gorgeous. Her acting in the second part is amazing.